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For employers, one of the most important decisions you make each year regards your employee benefits. Choosing the right mix of benefits impacts productivity levels...

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The Long Term Care Insurance Industry is constantly changing. We believe education is the first step in being successful in LTCI. Therefore all of our
staff is CLTC certified...

With the cost of health care on the rise, and the life expectancy of humans increasing, the need to plan for future care is critical. There is wide belief, particularly among Americans, that we will live forever.

While many Americans are fortunate to have amassed sufficient wealth to cover the cost of care in their later years, the reality is that there are millions of Americans who have not. These americans are spending their entire hard-earned life savings to care for themselves, or their loved ones, who are afflicted with conditions that require them to have professional medical care on a regular basis.

We are committed to helping people plan properly, so that they will be prepared in the event that they are faced with a catastrophic, life-changing event that leaves them in need of regular specialized healthcare.

If you are interested in seeing how Long Term Care Insurance could improve your plans for the future, contact us today. You can request information via e-mail, or call us directly at 800-416-0057.
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